Doulas in Fresno- Building Business for the Greater Good

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“All through history, there have always been movements where business was not just about the accumulation of proceeds but also for the public good.”
—Anita Roddick

A unique doula philosophy: our priorities include so much more than just providing joyful and abundant birth stories. 

The mission of All Families Doula Services  is to create a thriving, sustainable birth business through building connections, public service, and community activism. We collaborate with grass roots groups, nonprofit  orginizations, and industry experts. Our doulas are committed to harnessesing the expertise of passionate leaders  and bringing their wisdom to all Fresno residents, including those from underserved and overlooked communities. We believe that healthy families lead to a healthy community.

Community responsibility, healthy business
“Remember you live in a community. You have a responsibility to be accountable to your family and your community as well as yourself.”
—Cherrie Moraga

The business of building bridges: we offer our authentic unbiased support and connect people with relevant  community resources.

While we understand the role that a competitive market place creates in sustaining a healthy economy,  our doulas believe collaboration is the key to success. We are all trained and educated about everything birth related,  from breast feeding to postpartum  mood and anxiety disorders.  We LOVE serving as guideposts for families as they navigate through these issues. However we understand that sometimes more  specialized  experts can be beneficial as well.  We have solid business partnerships with lactation counselors, board certified lactation consultants,  and providers who specialize in postpartum mental health.  We also are connected to prenatal massage therapists,  hypnobirthing childbirth educators, pregnancy chiropractic specialists and more. We delight in directing our clients to these resources, as we know they provide exceptional services so both clients and the  business owners benefit.


Community donation, giving back, birth business, sharing, support
“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”
—Kathy Calvin

 Business with heart: supporting those who need it the most. 

All Families Doula Services celebrated our first year as an official business in May of this year.  To celebrate our BIRTHday (cheesy pun intended) in a way that aligns with our values  we decided to develop a plan to give back to the community. Our first commitment  was to pledge 10% of all fees from doula services to local nonprofit orginizations. We selected three groups that mirror our ethics and provide immediate support to parents and children in need,  and rotate donations quarterly.  We also decided to partner with M’Ella House, a non profit that supports women recovering from substance abuse. One of our doulas will  volunteer 4 hours there every six weeks,  and offer women emotional and informational support. We are so excited to continue exploring volunteering opportunities within the valley.