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Appointments can vary depending on the pricing package selected, but typically follow this outline:

  1. Consultation: an informal “get to know each other” meeting that typically lasts 30-45 minutes. We discuss the client’s due date and how the pregnancy has progressed thus far. We also cover types of support that are available and get to know both birth partners. Additionally we review materials in our “welcome packet” and answer any questions clients have.
  2. First prenatal appointment:  These appointments usually take place 2-4 weeks after contract is signed. We discuss the clients vision for an ideal birth and create strategies for making it happen. We also review techniques for making the remainder of the pregnancy as comfotable as possible. Additionally we review all information given to clients by their provider and clarify any questions they may have.  *$100 deposit due to reserve due date on our calendar.
  3. Second prenatal appointment : This one usually takes place 6-8 weeks before the  EDD. We review what will happen at the hospital, and when to contact the doula. Comfort measues are the main focus of this appointment, as we review multiple strategies for coping with labor.  Furthermore, we work in depth with the birth partner. We develop a solid understanding of what they’ll need to feel supported at the birth
  4. Final prenatal appointment: The appointments are typically scheduled 2 weeks before EDD. We review any remaining questions they couple has. We also create contingency plans in case any unforseen complications arise during labor and delivery.
  5. First postnatal appointment:  Usually occurs3-5 days after baby comes home. We address immediate issues such as breastfeeding and newborn care.
  6. Final postnatal appointment: Generally scheduled 2-3 weeks after delivery. This can cover anything the parents request, from sleeping (or lack there of!)  to ways to support other children in the home. Additionally we review postpartum mood disorders and resources (such as  parents can utilize for further help.